Audience feedback for there were two brothers:  


"If you're in Edinburgh I cannot recommend going to see Mark Kydd's There Were Two Brothers strongly enough. Genuinely one of the best pieces of theatre I've seen for years.  Deeply moving, very funny and performed with the utmost, intimate, sincerity. Please, if you can, go and see it. I loved it." - Alasdair Satchel, director/writer 

"Please do yourselves a favour and spend an hour in his company. I saw this tonight. Absolutely lovely performance. Warm and heartfelt storytelling. Well Done Mark Kydd." - Steven Wren, actor/musician/MD 


@kieran_hurley - There Were Two Brothers by Mark Kydd is an absolutely lovely show and is on at the Paisley Arts Centre. Go.

@andyhaldane - @tw2bros outstanding first performance tonight. You had us in hysterics and tears. Utterly brilliant, congratulations 

@JaneWalker - It's a great show - hope it returns soon as I would love to see it again!

@SpeakeasyEd) - @tw2bros @D21Edinburgh Fantastic show!



Reviews from earlier version (I Look: I Divine) at Brighton Fringe 2013:


“Mark Kydd’s one-man, semi-autobiographical show is a taut and lucid piece of storytelling that concerns the trials and traumas of two pairs of brothers: one from either side of the Atlantic, one from either side of fiction. I Look: I Divine is evidence of an artist with a real chunk of talent. The writing is crisp, the performance equally so.” - FringeGuru


“Kydd's involving and enjoyable telling of this three-sided tale weaves in and out of the strands with ease… at his best when telling us about being the only boy at ballet lessons, his first stage experience with a sweaty-handed Charles Hawtrey. We get just enough of a glimpse of what everything looked like in his youth... Kydd's storytelling and our imagination are still the key engines.” - Broadway Baby


"Mark Kydd deftly interwove fiction with reality at I Look: I Divine… using anecdotal monologue to captivate the audience. Interspersed with cliffhanger revelations, faded memories and dusty family secrets, I Look: I Divine is a story many of us can relate to, a story stranger than fiction!" - G Scene


Professional feedback:

"Excellent, excellent, excellent. Well-written, with a structure that deftly moves each part of the narrative without ever blatantly impinging on the fluidity of the whole. ” - David Goodall, actor/director/fight director


"A beautiful mix of humour, sadness, joy, tension, laugh out loud lines and lots lots more. I felt a tear when you spoke of your 10 year old self." - Andy Corelli, Artistic Director, Siege Perilous


"I think that anyone could connect with the story, that was what was so clever about it. The story was essentially about anyone who feels disenfranchised. " - Andy Haldane, music producer