Fee :

Negotiable – contact markskydd@yahoo.com


Performance Details:

Running Time - 65 minutes, no interval

Description - Theatre / Solo performance 

Language - English

Suitability - 15+


Technical Details:

Scale - Small scale

Company size - Two on the road

Space - 3.5m x 3.5m allowance  

Sound and lighting desk required. Projector with dimmer

Props & Set - Minimal (provided by the company)

Set up/strike time - Four hours get in. Turnaround in 30 minutes.

Production team for 2015 tour:


Writer/ Performer            Mark Kydd

Director                              Rosalind Sydney

Video/Sound Design        Jamie Wardrop  

Technician/Re-Lighting    Roddy Simpson/Jonny Reed

Production Coordinator  Laverne Edmonds                 


For Glasgay! 2014:


Original Lighting Design  Nigel Jarvis

Originating Producer       Dermot McLaughlin


Full touring spec, including programming proposal, available here:

Templates PDF.pdf

Touring Specs